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Fartlek Interval Trainer

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Fartlek Interval Trainer

Fartlek Interval Trainer (FiT) is an interval training app including manual and auto-detection of running intervals.

It includes 5 different types of manual intervals:
• Flat Sets
• Tabata
• Pyramid Sets
• Custom Sets
• Random
Each type provides a different type of workout.

Flat Sets include a Warm up, Cool down and repeating alternate sets of Work and Rest intervals. You can select the number of Work and Rest sets as well as the standard duration of each type.

Tabata is a specific exercise made up of 8 repeating sets of 20 seconds Work and 10 seconds Rest.

Pyramid Sets are similar to Flat Sets, but the duration of each Work and Rest set reduces by half with each set up to the halfway point. Once the halfway point is reached the duration doubles in length. Pyramids are ideal for improving running speed.

The Custom mode allows you to select individual lengths for each Work and Rest interval.

Random mode generates a random set of Work and Rest intervals according to your preference. 5 different Difficulty settings are included, from Light to Hardest.

FiT also includes Auto Detect mode. In Auto Detect mode the app automatically detects your motion type from the iPhone or Apple Watch. When your motion type changes, the app automatically creates an interval of the appropriate type (Running, Walking or Stationary).

All workouts are automatically recorded in the Apple Health app. Each Workout includes the following information:
• Interval Split Start and End Times
• Workout Route
• Total Active Energy
• Total Resting Energy
• Average Heart Rate
• Total Distance

Both Metric and Imperial systems are supported. Use the Settings page to select your preferred units.

Happy Fartlekking!
Richard English