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Finally the App enabling you to monitor your medication cabinet!
How many times did you get out from a Doctor appointment with a prescription, wondering if you already had the medication at home, ending up buying it for the second time? How often have you decided not to buy it, being sure you had it at home, but finding out it was expired?!
FarmacoStore is here to help you saving money and time in queuing (lining up) at the pharmacy to buy products you already have! You are a click away from your medication cabinet, the capsules’ storage of each meds and their expiry date, without wasting $ and time! Last but not least, FarmacoStore will send you a notification 1 month prior to the meds’ expiry date in order to allow you enough time to purchase it again.

FarmacoStore has also other functions:
Under the REMINDER section you can set a recurring alarm/notification to remind you to take the medication on a daily, weekly, fortnightly bases and so on…
Moreover you can scan your Tax Code on FarmacoStore and keep it handy on your phone, without looking for it in your bag or wallet.
We have planned two other features:
You can also save your medication prescriptions to find them easily at your disposal and store the receipts archive to keep track of your medication expenses and download them for your tax back application.

Lastly, you may search all the Pharmacies and their contact details around you, anytime and anywhere you are!

Therefore, what are you waiting for! Download FarmacoStore App from AppleStore, and stop wasting your precious time and money!
Samuel Funaro