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Farkle - slide to Roll is a dice rolling game where the object is to score as many points as possible.

Ones are worth 100 points and Fives are worth 50 points. You can also score different variants such as 3+ of a kind, 3 pairs, and a straight.

Score the points or keep rolling to try adding to your score but be careful not to Farkle! A Farkle is a roll that results in no points. If you Farkle all points will be lost for that round

Great game for any age. Just "slide to Roll" to get started.

- 10 Round Games
- Help explaining how to play
- Statistics for High Scores, Best Rounds
- Accumlative Statistics for Overall Score, Games and Average Score
- Game Center enabled
- Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch
- Automatically saves game progress
- Sound Effects
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