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Fancy Seller

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Fancy Seller

Manage your Fancy store on the go with the Fancy Seller iPhone app, and never miss a sale.

Log in with your existing Fancy Merchant credentials to manage your orders, customers and products.

∙ View your sales, views, orders and Fancy count
∙ Display stats for the past 7 days, 30 days or 12 months
∙ Keep track of Store Activity, including orders, shipments and cancellations
∙ Discover your most popular and best selling products
∙ Track the sites and search terms that drive traffic to your store

∙ Keep your store running smoothly and fulfill items on the go
∙ Search past orders for sale and customer information
∙ Receive notifications for new orders, payment receipts, cancellations and more

∙ Search your entire inventory to view or edit product details
∙ View the status of each product
∙ Receive notifications for low stock levels or sold out products
∙ Toggle a product’s availability with a single tap
∙ Add product options, images and descriptions
∙ Sync stock levels with Fancy Warehouse (if available)

∙ Search your customers and view order history
∙ See a total spent figure and currently open orders
∙ View personal details, addresses and contact information
∙ View the location of your customer on a map

If you have any questions or require assistance, email Fancy support [email protected]
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