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Fan noise machine baby shusher

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Fan noise machine baby shusher

Moms and Dads, would you like to know why you're going to have a good sleep tonight?
We'll give you 3 reasons.
Sleep Mom will lull your baby, play familiar and calm sounds and create a cozy and safe atmosphere.
White noises for babies are background sounds composed of evenly distributed high, mid and low frequencies. This continuous sound is a prerequisite for creating a feeling of being in the mother's tummy, which ensures sound, restorative sleep for you and for baby.
With its built-in cry detector, Sleep Mom will help your child fall asleep again after a sudden awakening, even after the sound has already finished playing.

Sleep Mom includes:

- Sounds of sleep, nature, appliances, and the city
- Quality white noises and lullabies
- Endless playback and timer setting
- Custom mixes from your favorite sounds
- Adjustable fade and background playing
- No ads, and no Wi-Fi needed!

Send your questions and wishes to [email protected]. Let's keep in touch! Share your lifehacks in the reviews section here to help other parents to learn from your experience.

P.S. Remember that it is recommended to keep the device at least 2 meters away from the baby.
Victor Lavrentyev