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Fall Asleep Baby

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Fall Asleep Baby

Sleep is essential for the growth and development of your baby. But getting your baby to sleep can be exhausting! That’s why we created Sleep Baby, an app tailored to your baby’s unique needs, helping you put them to sleep faster, so you can have more quiet time to yourself.

Sleep Baby is an app that helps you bring your newborn, baby or toddler to bed without the usual hassle. You can play a white noise sound that helps soothe the baby. In addition, you can enter a night lamp mode, that shows the color of your choosing. The app is also available on your Apple Watch to help you bring your baby to sleep, even when your phone is just inches too far away. There is also a feature that shows you high contrast shapes, so your baby has something interesting to look at, before falling asleep.

### WIDGET ###
With the new widget you can enter the app even faster, for moments when you need to soothe your baby ASAP.

The app does not store or analyze any of your data.
Philipp Baldauf