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Falco - the simple dash cam
A minimal interface which requires minimal interaction to keep you focused on the road. Just open the app and start driving!

See something you want to save? Just press the big red button on the screen or on your Apple Watch and a recording of the last minute (or minutes*) gets stored on your phone, including trip information like speed, location and time.

If you get involved in an accident, Falco detects it (by detecting increased G-Forces on your phone) and can automatically store a video for you.

To keep the video storage size small, Falco does not record sound, only video.
This also means you can listen to your favorite music on your device while using the app!

For your privacy, your location-information never leaves the app.
The recorded videos are meant for insurance purposes.
In case of an incident, let the other party know you recorded it.
Please do not make your videos public without the consent of everyone visible in the video.

Drive safely!

* requires in-app purchase
Joris Timmerman