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Fahrenheit weather forecast

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Fahrenheit weather forecast

This is the best weather forecast application on Smartphone, simple, efficient, easy to use !

Fahrenheit 2.0 offer new capabilities.
you will be able to add cities where you want to get the weather and view the hourly forecast for the next 48 hours.

You plan to go out , and you wonder if time will change in a few hours? What is the temperature? and in three hours? is there strong wind?
This application will give you the weather forecast , wind , temperature according to your position and many other information.

Everything is super simple , everything is readable directly . A graph of weather/Temperature and winds are displayed, as other various useful information.

- Graphic with weather and temperature over 48h
- Graphic wind speed, on 48h
- Search, Add, remove other town
- Estimated outdoor temperature . minimum, maximum temperature
- Estimation of rain or sun
- Wind speed , steering
- Humidity estimated and measured (for the device with a built-in barometer )
- Sunrise and sunset
- Holy name of the day
- GPS coordinates
- Name of the city where you are

Forecast are provided by Forecast.IO

Please, do not hesitate, it is free and it worth it, and it support my job.
olivier robin