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FAH Mobile Monitor Solo

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FAH Mobile Monitor Solo

[email protected] is a project run by Stanford University managing a distributed computing setup based on computing power provided by individuals like you and me.
It use mathematical methods of protein folding to help find cures for diseases like Alzheimer's, ALS, Huntington's, Parkinson's disease and some kind of cancers.

This app is only useful for you if you are an active donor for the [email protected] project. If you don't have the required client software (v7) installed this app will do nothing for you.

The app will not be part of the folding process itself. It can "only" be used to monitor and control your [email protected] systems utilising the 3rd party API as provided by the client software v7 .

Only hostname, port and password for remote access need to be entered in order to see the progress for the work units your systems are assigned to. You can remotely control client with respect to stopping, pausing or finishing.

In addition the app deliver a simple statistic giving you a quick overview on your folding landscape. It also allows you to eMail the logfile in case you experience issues during folding and want to get help from others.
Christian Lohmann