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The slide show display photos sent by e-mail
- When you start the app, FaceFrame album is created in the camera roll. And slideshow will start.
- When you send an email with attached image file to the email address that has been set, the image will be added to the FaceFrame album.
- Even running a slide show, new image of the incoming mail will be displayed.
- A newcome picture is indicated with a mail title, and it's also possible to designate a period of newcome indication.

As a photo frame app generic
- Slideshow can be set such as the type of transition and switching interval of the image.
- Since the album of any of the camera roll can also be specified, it can also be used as a photo frame generic.

The effective use of the device that are no longer used
- Since to work with iOS5.1 or later, you can operate original iPad.

- If you are using the image received by e-mail, e-mail address of the IMAP support, such as Gmail and iCloud is required.
- If you use a Gmail account, you need to configure to enable IMAP in advance.
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