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The Fabasoft app gives you access to your organization’s business documents. Wherever and whenever, securely and reliably.

The Fabasoft app lets you:

- Access your organization’s business documents quickly and easily.

- Read, open and edit business documents and swipe between documents.

- Open business documents on your iPad/iPhone using integrated apps (e.g. with Pages).

- Play videos from your organization on your iPad/iPhone – even in offline mode.

- Upload images and videos from your image libraries into Fabasoft Folio/Fabasoft eGov-Suite – even multiple files at the same time.

- Upload documents from other apps into Fabasoft Folio/Fabasoft eGov-Suite (e.g. e-mail attachments).

- Synchronize your business documents and folders and access them in offline mode without using the Internet.

- Refresh all of the documents and folders that you want to access in offline mode with a single tap.

- Use LAN synchronization to download documents from other devices on the same network.

- Search for data in all your business documents to which you have access rights.

- Create new Teamrooms and invite contacts to Teamrooms.

- E-mail links to documents and email documents as attachments.

- Display documents in full-screen mode.

- Quick and easy access to your worklist, including your tracking list in Fabasoft Folio/Fabasoft eGov-Suite.

- Sort the different lists on your worklist by date, activity type or object, in ascending or descending order.

- Execute work items such as “Approve” or “Release” business documents and other objects.

- Access your worklist on your Apple Watch (requires password for applications or basic authentication).

- Protect your data at Fabasoft Folio/Fabasoft eGov-Suite from unauthorized access. Only registered users who have been invited to the collaboration are authorized.

- Authentication via the following methods: user name/password (basic authentication), SAML2 or client certificates. If your Fabasoft Folio/Fabasoft eGov-Suite installation has enabled authentication via client certificates, you must import your personal client certificate using Apple iTunes into the Fabasoft app. In case of a permanent login together with SAML2, the device is bound to your user account using cryptographic methods.

Please note: To use the worklist, you will need at least Fabasoft Folio 2020 or Fabasoft eGov-Suite 2020. Moreover your processes have to be prepared so that they can be used in the app.

For more information about Fabasoft Folio and Fabasoft eGov-Suite, please visit
Fabasoft R&D GmbH