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If you are looking for a workout to burn excessive fat, weight loss and improve cardiovascular fitness, *High Intensity Interval Training* or HIIT is the way to go.

HIIT is a form of workout done in a short, intense burst of interval to reach the near maximum heart rate, followed by a less intense recovery period and repeating the same cycle.

ezHIIT for Apple Watch App helps you to carry out your HIIT easily and safely and let you monitor the progress as well.

--App features--:

* You can select Maximum and Minimum heart rate zones based on your age.
* Display heart rate, total elapsed time, elapsed interval and the reps during the workout.
* Announce heart rate approximately for every increment or decrement of 5 bpm.
* Activate haptic feedback when you reach target heart rate zones.
* When your heart rate stay above the high zone, it will activate haptic feedback once for every 20 seconds as a warning.
* You can listen to your music stored in Apple Watch seamlessly while doing the workout.
* Update iOS Health App to show workout detail and the active energy burnt.