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EzCal ~Quick Calendar~

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EzCal ~Quick Calendar~

EzCal is a calendar app with 3 selling points: it has a simple appearance, you can add events quickly, and it is easy to use.

Your calendar is always displayed by the month, so there are no confusing changes between screens.
You can add recurring events with one tap, using the Quick Add feature.

It's perfect for you if:
・You want to check your schedule on a month-by-month display.
・You have events that repeat on an irregular schedule.
・You want an app that starts up quickly.
・You have trouble with multifunction calendars.

About the Quick Add feature:
Press and hold the appropriate date, and the Quick Add screen will appear.
A list of events that you set up previously will appear. Just choose one and the Quick Add is complete.
You can choose the start time, duration, alarm, and more for each event, allowing you to fine-tune your schedule.

-Added built-in holidays.
-Added appearance customization.
-Added weather forecast icon display function.
-Supported AppleWatch
-Added Today widget
Takashi Tsuchiya