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Synthiam ARC

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Synthiam ARC

Take your Synthiam compatible robot anywhere you go! Control your robot from iPhone or iPad.. ARC Mobile is the world's most versatile and powerful Mobile Robot Application that fits in your pocket. The mobile version of ARC loads projects that have been created with ARC PC and has been saved to the Synthiam Cloud.

- Take your robot with you anywhere with the power of ARC on your mobile device.

- Easy to Use Interface
- RoboScratch and Blockly Visual Programming
- Movement Controls
- WiiMote Emulator
- Record Microphone Audio and Playback Through Robot Speaker
- Streaming Audio/Video
- Shares Files Online with EZ-Cloud
- Autonomous Self-Navigation
- Customizate JavaScript
- Design your own custom robot interface with ARC on Windows PC
- And More!

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