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Expedia PartnerCentral

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Expedia PartnerCentral

Manage your business on Expedia on the go

Read and respond instantly to Real-time Feedback:
● Get instant notifications when guests leave feedback.
● View the latest comments from your guests.
● Respond instantly while they are still at your property.
● Meet your guests’ needs to encourage top reviews.

Access guest reviews as they’re published:
● Read reviews and connect with your guests.
● Respond to negative reviews to assist with customer service.

Stay up to date with reservations:
● Get notified of bookings and cancellations as they happen.
● Keep track of and manage your available inventory.
● Know when you are out of inventory offered through Expedia.

Stay informed about your market with real-time insights:
● Set your own list of competitors to benchmark against.
● Have quick access to information about price changes in your market.
● Find out when you lose a booking to a competitor.
● Track rate changes in your market.
● Follow performance data including your market share.

Increase your visibility to help get more bookings:
● Ensure your listing content is optimized to win bookings.
● Move your last-minute inventory fast with Sell Tonight.
● Promotion expiring? Extend it quickly with a single click.
● Learn which promotions are doing well and double-down on them.
● Join new campaigns and create custom promotions to target your ideal customer.

We offer hoteliers access to:
● guests bookings through over 12 global brands including Expedia® and® and thousands of affiliate partners.
● a global network of customers via more than 150 travel booking sites in over 70 countries.
● powerful marketing programs.
● local market revenue management expertise and business intelligence reports.
● personal support from hundreds of employees in local markets throughout the world.
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