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Expecting and Empowered

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Expecting and Empowered

Expecting and Empowered exists to support you every step of the way along your motherhood journey. Created with the professional expertise of a physical therapist and a personal trainer, Expecting and Empowered has safe and effective workouts to take the guesswork out of your fitness routine. Whether you're trying to conceive, pregnant, or postpartum - we have programs for you!

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From our signature products the Pregnancy or Postpartum Fitness Guide, Return to Running Program, Elevated + Empowered Strength Training, Core Series, and more this app will provide your one-stop shop for everything related to fitness in motherhood. Workouts can be done at home or in the gym.

Plus, we provide the education to empower your pregnancy and postpartum experience and have created a supportive community of women like you to connect and inspire you.

Let’s do this, mama!


-Pregnancy Workout Guide
-Postpartum Workout Guide
-Elevated + Empowered Advanced Postpartum Workout Guide
-Ready to Run Postpartum Testing
-Return to Running Program
-A la carte Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced Runs
-Core Strengthening Series
-Ability to Schedule Workouts


-The app offers a community feature- where women that are going through what you’re going through can connect, support, and encourage each other.

-If you’ll be without wifi, you can pre-download the classes that you’re planning to take.


Amy Kiefer is a registered nurse, doula, and personal trainer. Along with her co-founder and sister Krystle Howald who is a physical therapist, they offer educational posts that will help you navigate through pregnancy and postpartum. Whether you have a question about round ligament pain or about if working out will impact your milk supply- they have the answers in this section.
Expecting and Empowered LLC