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Exameter-Test prep timer

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Exameter-Test prep timer

An exam will contain different questions, each of which needs to be answered according to the specified time. Just like the Triathlon swimming, cycling, and long-distance running, the athletes need a drum to complete the race.The key to winning. It is the control of the rhythm, the same for the exam.

You may have encountered the following problems:

One hour after the start of the exam, you are doing the 20th question, but you don’t know if it is behind the prescribed time or ahead of time. If you can’t realize it in advance, the gap will continue to widen. The result is that the exam is over. I found that there are still many questions that have not been done. If you are ahead of time and don't realize it, the result is to finish the problem in advance, and the extra time is not used well.

Features of Exameter:

# Custom question type, quantity, time, adapt to different test subjects
# Real-time view of the progress of the topic that should be in, judge whether it is ahead or behind
# Allow free adjustment of the order of questions to suit different habits
# Apple Watch can use Exameter alone, reducing distraction when using your phone

Tip: The official exam does not allow you to carry a mobile phone, so Exameter is for the candidates to take the simulation test in the usual time.


[behind the scenes]

Creative Planning by Alex
UI&UE by ffdexiaomin
Developed by Kevin

Email: [email protected]

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