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EvoSport Health Stats Analyzer

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EvoSport Health Stats Analyzer

EvoSport is the all-in-one application for health and fitness. It captures and processes the measurements from trusted physical sensors, calculates vital parameters based on scientific formulas and algorithms, visualizes indicators by means of interactive charts, uploads statistics and surveys, assists in trainings and exercises, stores and compares personal achievements and performs far more. All interactions are secured and respect your privacy.

EvoSport is for everyone, who are into sports. No matter, you are the fitness fan, the coach, the therapist or the professional athlete – the app has something to offer right to you.

Scientifically-approved indicators of one’s wellness and fitness:
- Health State
- Energy Level
- Performance
- Adaptation to Trainings
EvoSport catches, evaluates and visualizes them all.

For correct app operation, you’ll need:
- iPhone 6S+ running iOS 15 or later
and one of devices
- Apple Watch Series 7+
- Polar Chest Heart Rate Sensor H10+

All the indications, calculations and charts are based on the well-known, highly trusted health markers and parameters, like:
- Heart rate;
- Heart rate variability (HRV);
- Maximal oxygen consumption (VO2 max);
- and more.

Based on solid scientific and technological foundation, proved by the numerous researches in the sphere of sports and exercise by the best universities and labs (e.g., Harvard Medical School, The University of Texas at Austin, University of Rochester Medical Center and more) EvoSport app is developed by enthusiasts for solving the problems as follows below:
- Fitness tracking;
- Training/recovery balance management;
- Sleep quality supervision;
- Fatigue level control;
- Under- and over- training management;
- Prevention of overload injuries;
- Sport longevity extension;
- and many more.

To assess your vital indicators, body condition and energy level, EvoSport relies on the results of several proven physical tests (like step or orthostatic). You are step-by-step guided through any of the selected performances, and measurements are captured accurately.
Aleksandr Kalashnik