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"Diabetes management and lifestyle correction made easy – in the comforts of your home!

Evolut Wellness is a Diabetes Management App With Workout & Exercise For Diabetes Patient. Get Weight Loss Tips With Our Diet Chart & Prediabetes Food Plan For Daily Meals.

Take care of your diet!
Make sure you exercise!
Check your glucose levels!
Don’t forget to take those medicines!
Book an appointment with your doctor!
Consult the nutritionist!
Find your previous health records!

It’s tough keeping track of everything because of how hectic life is. However, health is non-negotiable. No matter what the circumstance, it has to be a priority because lifestyle diseases are on the rise and the only way to curb them is to be ahead of the game.

This is why we have come up with Evolut – a 360-degree integrated wellness and diabetes app that focuses majorly on diet and diabetes management. You can find diabetes diet chart
& exercise to help reduce weight for diabetic patients. Using all the features of our app, you will find yourself leading an effortlessly healthy life without stress.

KINA – AI-enabled bot
KINA is a constantly evolving bot that we created to help you correct your lifestyle. It doubles as a diabetes expert and friend, eager to answer all your questions. All you have to do is to punch in your request = KINA is at your service 24/7.

Pre-diabetes reversal
Use our detailed questionnaire to see if you are at risk of getting diabetes and start taking measures to get back on the right path. Also, if you have been diagnosed with pre-diabetes, our diabetes app will help you reverse it and lead a carefree life yet again. Our blend of fitness workouts, diet plan, and smart HabitTracker will ensure that you get to detect the problem early and reverse it before it is too late.

Medicine reminders
Medication is crucial to diabetes management. Missing even one dosage can ruin all your efforts. But, with our Medicine Reminder feature, you will never miss another pill!

Did you know? You don’t have to visit the doctor often for diabetes? You can safely skip traffic and queues and request a consultation on our diabetes app. You will also receive all reports and data in a readily-available and exportable format.
You can have secure one-one consultations either in audio or video format using our seamless chat feature.

Diet planner
The key to health and happiness lies in the diet. Our nutritionists can be consulted anytime to get a detailed meal plan according to your lifestyle. We have specific meal plans for diabetes, hypertension, and other chronic diseases as well. We offer a free 1-day trial for our 7- and 14-day meal plans. You can explore them in the nutrition tab.

Home workout app
You can do pretty much everything from home including fitness workouts! On this lovely home workout app you will find workout series, celebrity trainers, and a whole range of guided exercises that you can do from home.

Wearable integrations
You can seamlessly integrate your wearables with our fitness tracker feature and keep an eye on your vitals.

Sync with Apple Health
Evolut uses Apple Health data to track your steps, sleep, calories and workout minutes. This helps you to easily have track of all your activity in a day through health and tracking.

Apple Watch support:
Follow along all your workouts right from your wrist by playing and pausing through the apple watch very easily. Real time tracking of your calories and heart rate helps you assess your fitness activity

FitStat – Liquid calorie counter app
Our FitStat feature will help you count all those calories so that you never go overboard.

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