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eVigils Pro

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eVigils Pro

The Cures Act Final Rules published on March 9, 2020 and the explosive adoption of telemedicine services during the pandemic each mandate that all providers and patients are part of the emerging healthcare app economy.

Electronic Health Records are ubiquitous but do not provide an adequate solution for coordinating care across disparate provider organizations. The world no longer awaits EHR-sponsored "interoperability." Healthcare apps like eVigils - designed specifically for patients and providers - are the new normal.

Modern coordination of care embraces new functionality like HealthKit, Telehealth, Remote Physiologic Monitoring, and Virtual Evaluation & Management via video. Payers have incentive payment programs that require keeping track of time and impose time limits for communicating with patients.

eVigils for providers (eVigils Pro), and its sibling eVigils for patients (eVigils), are components of a system that consolidates all these modern coordination of care requirements. eVigils apps and services augment health care legacy systems using our integration technologies developed and delivered since 1985.
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