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Everyday Food Advice

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Everyday Food Advice

Everyone of us has heard the saying “You are what you eat”. Basically it’s true, for we consist of matters obtained from foodstuff we’ve eaten. From this point of view, some of us are really something doubtful. Why don’t we get one step closer to perfectness? Why don’t we bring some order in your nutrition style? Get Everyday Food Advice!

This app will help you to improve your nourishment and let your learn a lot of interesting things about cooking and dishes in different countries. The hugest variety of courses and foodstuff from cereals and vegetables to most unexpected things people use for food. Huge improvement of your life begins with little things. Let’s start right now!

HOW TO USE: Launch the app, and it will recommend you, what to eat today. In the cooking tips section you’ll find various dishes and tips about cooking and nutrition. Look into the native dishes and learn the craziest ones from all over the world.

Features of Everyday Food Advice:
- various types of food for every day;
- useful nutrition recommendations;
- numerous cooking tips;
- sections of native and freak dishes – learn something unusual and new;
- huge range of dishes – from the most common to the craziest ones.

It’s time to improve your lifestyle through nutrition with Everyday Food Advice! Get a recommendation what to eat every day and learn about most extraordinary dishes and foodstuff of the world!
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