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Eutracker GPS monitoring application for you.

Primarily we reccomend EUtracker application those people who has at most a few car fleet. It does not matter if you would like to know where your family members are, or just want to safe your car during a long parking time. Or even you just simple would like to keep your eye on your employees and navigate them to the correct place despite of the fact you can not be all day long near a computer.
This application is an optional add-on to EUtracker services. Be carefull this application will not work without an EUtracker device would be installed in you car.

Use EUtracker to locate your cars!

1. step: Download EUtracker Application
2. step: Get "EU tracker" installed in your car (see
3. step: Login with your Eutracker account

That is all there is to it. Download the app, register an account and play around with the demo to see how it works.
dora Zakar