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Essential Phrases Collection

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Essential Phrases Collection

Essential Phrases Collection - German - French is an important app if you are going on a trip to Germany or France and would like to practice your languages. Here you will be able to find a collection of different most common phrases and sentences translated from German to French and vice versa! This application contains not only phrases and sentences, but also transcriptions with pronunciation! It doesn't matter now whether you are going to visit the most interesting and beautiful places of both these countries, or just want to go to the nearest cafe and order a cup of coffee. Be self-confident at any situation with our phrasebook!

Essential Phrases Collection - German - French Features:

- Useful and handy phrase book;
- Perfect for travel and study of language;
- Separated categories and themes of phrases;
- Learn translation, pronunciation and spelling online.

If you are planning a trip to Germany or France, or if you simply want to improve your German and French, Essential Phrases Collection - German - French is for you!
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