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Espresso Moments

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Espresso Moments

Welcome to
My Espresso Moments app

Get your daily dosis of stress free moments

Use this Apple Watch app to share your moments and to invite your friends and colleagues to join you for a healthy short break away from your phone and from your work desk.

Back in 2016 I was attending the Apple developer conference in San Francisco, and I made some very good friends and one of them introduced me to the Breathing app. The Breathing app is a about taking a minute to focus on your breathing and your watch will remind you to do so.

From that moment on I became facinated with the Apple Watch and all it's health posibilities and not least the ability to write stand alone Apple watch apps, which is apps without iPhone acompanying apps.

Apple watch also has it's health circles, the circles has an indicator for standing up and you should be standing up at least 12 times á day for a few minutes.

My goal is to convert some of these health suggested standups into Espresso moments, spending a few minutes away from your working environment.

And why ? Because it will do you good, you will clear your mind and it will boost your energy and it's even better if you can spend those minutes with some of your friends or colleagues.

This app is made as a stand alone app, which means you can and you should leave your stress related device, the phone, at your desk.

Don’t deny yourself a stress free related moment.

I sincerely hope you will enjoy my app.
Dennis Schmidt