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This mobile application is an addition to web-based project management software. They work in an inseparable bond. If you are interested in using Epicflow, please leave us a message on our mail: [email protected]

Epicflow is an online package of analytical features that helps business experts achieve better project performance thanks to its scientific algorithms.

The Epicflow PM software works in tandem with MS Project, Jira, TOPdesk, Primavera, and CA Clarity to solve overload and planning overhead and to set priorities in multi-project environments. The task list helps users update tasks to provide project managers with full visibility over projects.

Epicflow is applicable in various environments – engineering, manufacturing, shipbuilding, software development and more. It’s a universal project management tool suitable for Scrum or Waterfall development methodologies.

Epicflow automatically simplifies the replanning routine, helps managers create effort-based workloads, and sets priorities. Your team will become more focused and productive, as you won’t need to prioritize manually. Epicflow eliminates task uncertainty and loosens tight deadlines.

The software is based on the Flow philosophy. As soon as your project’s arteries get clogged, the pipeline graphs turn red in response to overload and show what resources you need to complete the project on time.

Epicflow considerably increases project awareness, as it lets employees:

See priority lists from their phones.
Monitor workloads.
Adjust remaining hours.

The mission of Epicflow is to bring simplicity and order to business environments by approaching project management from the perspective of resource availability.

Download right now to achieve project management excellence!