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EPIC Marble

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EPIC Marble

Check out Earth from the Sun's perspective! Just watch out, the moon will sometimes photobomb (with its darker side no less).

Epic Marble uses imagery from the NOAA DSCOVR satellite's NASA EPIC camera. DSCOVR orbits between the sun and Earth at around one million miles away. While DSCOVR's primary objective is solar observation the EPIC camera is pointed at all of us.

See images in date or marble view. Capture dates as favorites and share them on social media or send them to your friends.

-Today Widget to show the most recent images available
-Animated previews in date or marble view
-Animate toggle of detail view
-Zoom view of higher resolution image
-Toggle favorite days
-Favorites and options stored in iCloud
-Share and send images
-Background refresh to check for latest images and notification to alert availability
-References to NOAA's DSCOVR page, NASA's EPIC site and DSCOVR's launch

-Glance of most recent images
-Recent and favorites view
-Animated views

In-App purchase can be made to remove ads. Thanks for your support!

This application is not endorsed nor affiliated with NASA or NOAA. Credit and special thanks to the NASA EPIC Team for providing wonderful Earth imaging.
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