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EpiHelp advanced technology made seizure prevention and tracking available at your fingertips.
It uses data from your Apple Watch to keep track of your health and keep you well.

This useful companion will allow you to:

• Detect and record seizures and inform your loved ones about attacks

• Use the integrated algorithm to analyze data from Apple Watch sensors and information about previous attacks.

• Get early warning of a potential epilepsy attack to prevent unpleasant, life-threatening situations

We’re here to make your life easier and safer.
Over time app will analyze your routine, spot patterns and trends in your health.
That will allow you to understand the condition with more clarity and stay on top.

Some of the features include:

Abnormal Movement Detection
EpiHelp monitors abnormal repetitive movements that are similar to two types of seizures. The app automatically notifies emergency contacts in case of attack. The detection algorithms are accurate because they have been tested in a clinical setting.

Analyzes heart rate
A significant deviation from the normal heartbeat is a frequent sign of impending seizures. Our app monitors your heart rate and notifies authorized caregivers if the rate exceeds pre-established values.

Sleep Control & Alcohol Consumption
The app analyzes sleep duration and warns you in case of deprivation. If you enter consumed alcohol, the system will reevaluate the chance of a seizure. You’ll get a notification.

Altitude Changes Analysis
Elevation changes can cause epilepsy attacks. Our app monitors heights relative to sea level and warns you of potential seizures with a push notification.

Personal Seizure Diary
Your entire medical history in your smartphone. The log stores all event data. For better control, and detail of your seizure events can be added manually (trigger, aura, seizure type, etc.). The log has a clear graph that allows you to see the number of seizures and requests for help over time. Another feature is a convenient event filter for your physician.

All that as well as very handy emergency contacting system.

Enjoy your life free of worries with EpiHelp!
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