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Open Source Life-Time Operating System.

Simple. Efficient. Powerful.

engram is a quick, easy daily organizer focused on fast data entry. Instantly sync activities, thoughts and ideas across all your devices for a more organized lifestyle routine.

engram is named after a physical process when a memory is made in the brain. This open source software application is designed to help people track and remember important things in their lives.

engram is available anywhere your technology allows. Quickly capture ideas on the go with your phone and have them automatically sync to your desktop. Send yourself notes to go from the desktop. No more excuses not to be in the know.

engram is largely inspired by The Bullet Journal Method. Rapid Logging is one of the key pillars of The Bullet Journal Method and you will find that engram follows many of these famous conventions.

engram features Notes, Tasks and Events tabs that log daily entries. Each entry is called an engram, which can be converted to the other types โ€“ a note can progress to a Task or Event for example.

For fast, free thought - quickly access the Brain Dump page by pressing the engram logo. Brain Dump is a blank screen to help keep your mind focused on what you are trying to write next.

Each engram can be shared to your favorite apps via the native mobile share sheet. Send a Note to email; a Task to ToDoist, or Event to Outlook โ€“ type first, pick later.

Quickly add text or website links to engram via the share menu.

engram: the latest information is always a click away, every day โ€“ all day.
Adam Berg