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Energy Booster

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Energy Booster

Are you feeling tired during your daily routine?
Improve your performance: boost your body and mindfull experience balancing your energy.
This app analyzes your activities and can forecast the Energy Consumptium before you drain it out.
Our proprietary algorithm is unique and powerfull: it predicts your stress during the day.

You can always be aware on your possibile Energy usage.
This app will auto improve the forecasting while you are using it.
The app now can calculate your activity boost to improve the quality of your holidays!

Features available:
- Automatic Rest Counter
- Calories from Sport activities
- Calories from Mental activities
- Heavy activities monitor
- Weekly Sleep Cycle
- Connect to HealthKit
- Energy is calculated with complex algorithm which compares also your historical data
- Sleep Analisys Engine
- Daily Debit Calculation
- Weekly Charge Estimation
- Live Chart for Energy Consuption

Apple Watch Extension Available
Notification Widget Available

This app can be integrated with the companion Sleep Analisys Cycle.
Important Note: to have best precision use iPhone 5s or up or external sensors