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Energize Focus Timer

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Energize Focus Timer

Unable to focus? Don’t feel like working today? Can’t bring yourself to study? Use Energize to stay focused and motivated!

„For me, this is the best pomodoro timer I have found. (…) Best option out there!” - Jennig03

Why Energize?
- Perfect sync across your Apple Devices
- beautiful and insightful statistics (when using iPhone, iPad, Mac, but including sessions done on Apple Watch)
- group your sessions into categories to see time spent on each of your projects
- adjust your daily or weekly focus goal (using iPhone, iPad, Mac, but also applying to Apple Watch focus sessions)
- adjust session and break length. And if you still need to finish your session earlier than planned - that’s an option, too
- reliable and timely notifications
- custom sci-fi synth sounds, including notifications
- great-looking night mode
- Slide Over and Split View support (iPad)
- minimalistic, yet beautiful sci-fi inspired design
- feature rich Apple Watch companion app with interface adjusted for smaller screen and visibility
- fully compatible with Macs with one, universal purchase across the devices

Energize is free to try. The free version is by itself one of the most feature rich productivity timer apps on the App Store. Additional content (detailed statistics and ability to set custom daily or weekly goals) is unlockable through single, one-time In-App Purchase - no subscriptions.

Benefits from using Energize:
- increased productivity (by starting the tasks and working towards a reward break)
- improved concentration (by breaking your work into manageable blocks)
- increased motivation (by completing your daily or weekly goals and seeing your progress)
- prevent overworking (by utilising timely breaks)
- better organisation (you know how much time is spent on your tasks and how’s your progress towards the goal)

When to use Energize
- for work (coding all night? Copywriting? Freelancing? Home office? Finally pushing that blog article?)
- for studying (tested on Japanese vocabulary with great success!)
- even as a music practice timer (works great with Irish flute tunes and classical guitar’s „Asturias”. Just saying.)
- anytime you need motivation. Anywhere where there are distractions. Any task that requires focus.

How it works
1. Start the timer and get to work on your task.
2. When the session is complete, and you receive notification, start the break.
3. Repeat until your goal is complete, and the energy bolt is glowing strong and blue. You can see your progress towards your goal at a glance!

Energize your day!
Marcin Sudara