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Empirical Sleep

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Empirical Sleep

Apply the scientific method to your sleep using your Apple Watch.

Empirical Sleep distills your data into three simple metrics—sleep onset time, sleep duration, and sleep quality—and then recommends a specific, daily challenge to improve your sleep hygiene. After 7 days, we’ll show you your results. If the challenge improved your sleep, then you can continue with it. Otherwise, you can try something else—including creating your own custom challenge.

New in Empirical Sleep 2.0:
- Sleep stages (new in watchOS 9)
- Watch face widgets / complications, plus a new native Apple Watch app to show sleep onset, duration, quality, and stages.
- iPhone lock screen top widgets - now you can track trends in your REM, core, and deep sleep directly on your lock screen.

Empirical Sleep is compatible with Apple Watch Series 3 and above. It integrates integrates with the Health app to analyze your sleep segments, heart rate, HRV, blood oxygen, steps, sleep stages, and activity.
Empirical Health, Inc.