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Emoji Tycoon

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Emoji Tycoon

Introducing...Emoji Tycoon!

This is the successor to Emoji Billionaire that came out almost 2 years ago!

This game is similar to Emoji Billionaire but with a lot more features added.

Build your incredibly expanding Emoji worth and ultimately become the Emoji Tycoon you've always wanted to be!

App Rundown:
• Settings: let's you reset the game if desired
• Missions: complete missions for rewards while playing
• Managers: allows you to earn money without tapping
• Businesses: earns you more money per tap

Key Features:
• Apple Watch app
• Game allows you to idly play so you don't have to tap all the time
• Reset button to start over whenever you want

Features Soon To Come:
• Apple Watch app and iPhone app game data sync
• More Missions
• More Businesses and Managers
• Tons more features


- Eric Walker, Head Developer
Richard Walker