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Ditch your paper-and-pencil and forget about Noughts and Crosses, instead enjoy playing TicTacToe using EMOJIs as your avatar no more Xs and Os, download Emoji TicTacToe now for free.

Emoji TicTacToe is a fun family game, play it with your friends, or try challenging the AI by choosing the difficulty level, pick your move and attempt to outsmart the AI, celebrate your victory!

- 26 Emoji Avatars to choose from.
- Autosave whenever you get a phone call.
- Score tracking.
- Choose who's going to start playing first or take turns each round.
- Apple Watch support.
- "Two Player" option, so you can challenge anyone.
- "One Player" difficulty modes:
* Easy: the AI with select a random position.
* Medium: the AI will defend itself.
* Hard: the AI will be making calculated moves. Be ready!
Hovanes Kousherian