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Emergency Lookup

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Emergency Lookup

* * * * * Emergency Lookup for Apple Watch * * * * *

Quickly lookup important information that is stored on your iPhone, on your Apple Watch.

A) Want to find you passport # on Apple Watch use this app
B) Simple take a picture of your passport and access it on the Apple Watch
C) Want to quickly access social security number of your child on your Apple Watch
D) Simply enter the number on the iPhone and access it on the Apple Watch

Want to find blood groups of your wife? Simply enter on iPhone and access on the Apple Watch. Data is Safe and secure and only exist on your iPhone.

It is never shared on the cloud or with any other provider. So you own the data and you own the watch.

Data is visible on Apple Watch only after entering security code on the iPhone.

App is FREE.

Please visit us at or write to us at

[email protected]