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The Official Emerald Garrison iPhone App

The Emerald Garrison is a Sci-fi costuming club that brings together enthusiasts from all over the world.

Based in both Northern and the Republic of Ireland, our professionalism and dedication to costuming has brought us some of the largest events throughout the UK and Ireland, including Invasion Belfast, Invasion Dublin, Invasion Cork, Toys 4 Big Boys and the Download music festival. Our aim is to enjoy what we do and help raise awareness for all of the charities we work through.


+ Keep up to date with our latest appearances
+ Check out our previous appearances
+ Club info
+ Life-size props built by out members include the Scout Walker and Clone tank
+ Check out the Club Senators, tap their photo to see the character they played
+ Patches created for Invasion Events
+ Contact the Garrison

__Need Help?__

Please contact us via the support link in iTunes for feedback, suggestions or problems. We would be happy to assist. Thank you.
Michael Pierce