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No one deserves to live with PTSD, depression or an anxiety disorder. EMDR is an exceptionally effective treatment for these conditions. This app contains everything needed in EMDR therapy, and more, to use whenever and wherever you need it.

This app is available for all Apple platforms: iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV and Apple Watch. It offers bilateral stimulation through animations, sounds and even vibrations (on supported devices). You can use the app on multiple devices simultaneously for a more comprehensive experience.


Set the app up to suit your needs! The following options are available:

• 0.8 Hz (for fainter memories)
• 1.0 Hz
• 1.2 Hz (for clearer memories)

• 24x (standard set)
• Infinite

Stereo sounds:
• No sound
• Beeps
• Tapping
• Numbers

• Moving dot
• Alternating flashes of light
• Alternating flashes of light from multiple devices

Vibrations (via iPhone and Apple Watch):
• None
• Alternating with another iPhone or Apple Watch

• System
• Light
• Dark
• Image


24 hours after you first open the app, the app requires a one-time payment to continue using it. This one-time payment also unlocks the app on any other available platform. With your payment, you are investing in yourself, as well as in the continued development of this app.

Keep the following in mind:
• EMDR therapy usually takes more than one day. So for a real effect, you will need to unlock the app.
• Are you using the app for yourself? This app can provide support, but is not a replacement for a trained therapist.
Bas Oppenheim