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EMDR Tappers

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EMDR Tappers

The EMDR Tappers app was designed by researchers, veterans, and licensed eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) professionals to replicate EMDR therapy with only an iPhone and Apple Watch. Users can set the pace of animations, vibrations, and sounds. These stimuli are synchronized to replicate the benefits of EMDR therapy in any setting without the expensive, bulky equipment. Users can also use the app with just a single phone or two phones. All of this for free. No external, annoying ads.

The core of EMDR therapy is bilateral stimulation—alternatively stimulating each side of the brain with sounds, lights, and vibrations. EMDR is a scientifically proven method of dealing with stress, anxiety, and other negative psychological conditions. The EMDR Tappers app combines the benefits of bilateral stimulation with positive affirmations. These affirmations are delivered bilaterally to help re-program your brain with healthy thoughts and beliefs. EMDR is a “strongly recommended” technique by the leading veterans' organizations, and the American Psychiatric Association has noted that EMDR is effective for treating PTSD symptoms.

The premium version of the app allows users to set the color of the animation, choose the sound, and save custom settings as well as access preset settings.

Download the app today to experience the power of bilateral stimulation.

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