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Elevation Tracker

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Elevation Tracker

Elevation Tracker is a fitness tracking app with a particular emphasis on climbing and descending. It tracks and displays the following info:

- Basic info like time, speed and distance
- Current elevation and accumulated climbing and descending amount
- Elevation profile and route map
- Current heart rate and time spent in four training zones (if paired with an Apple Watch or chest strap)

When paired with an Apple Watch, Elevation Tracker really shines, displaying all this info (except the elevation profile and map) in an easy-to-read format. We haven't seen another fitness app that puts this much info onto your wrist for detailed tracking during your activities.

When you finish an activity, you can save it to your history, email route summaries and profile images, send GPX data to other applications, or download refinements from an online elevation database. You can even drag range selectors onto the profile to view the stats for just one section of your route.

Elevation Tracker uses GPS to determine elevation. GPS is not as accurate for elevation as it is for location, but over the course of an outdoor activity, the results are still quite useful. Elevation Tracker is not designed for indoor (stair climbing) or stationary (treadmill) use.

Elevation Tracker works in the background or with your device locked, and can run alongside other fitness apps you might be using. We routinely use this app for real-time display, another app for social sharing and a third for emergency tracking, all at the same time. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life, but newer smartphones have enough capacity to handle this for the duration of an activity.

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