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by TBU
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by TBU
► Global EV Charging Station Search and Personalized Filters
Access real-time information on worldwide EV charging stations, including Tesla Superchargers
Quickly view essential details for EV charging, such as charger locations, charging fees, and recent usage history.
Utilize our advanced filtering options to easily locate the best charging stations for your needs.

► Elevate Your EV Experience with 'My Car'
Seamlessly integrate your vehicle to engage smart control services.
Discover a range of utilities including afterblow and automated vehicle control.
Experience battery diagnostics and health assessments, by simply connecting your vehicle.

► Experience Elecvery on Your Watch OS Device
Enjoy the convenience of Elecvery on your smartwatch. (currently available in Korean)

Features include:
- Access to your favorite charging station info
- Comprehensive complications providing updates on remaining battery life and estimated driving range

Elecvery: The Essential App for a Smart EV Lifestyle