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Election Campaign Task Tap

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Election Campaign Task Tap

Welcome to Election Campaign Task Tap.

You will help your political party effectively campaign for the 2016 election using this user friendly hands on task tap watch app. Gain a voter at a time, cover battlegrounds and boost your candidate/s debating confidence to change polling news by completing each task. Generate more traffic/footprints for local, state, national rallies in key locations and inspire more supporters with the ease in which you enjoy your tasks. You just look at each task, tap and swipe! Relax with your amazing candidate/s, colleagues, supporters, friends and family with the 'Randomness Game!' Complete each day with updating your team with details of the outcome of each task you completed within Election Campaign Task Tap before closing the watch app. Well Done! Enjoy opening the watch app for your next campaign trail task tap!
Please Note: Election Campaign Task Tap is not a free watch app and requires real money to purchase. It does not make reference to any person, party or location. It does not store sensitive information.

How to Use:
Tap the right button (+) to add numbers. Tap the left button (-) to reduce numbers. Touch the right side of the screen and Swipe towards left direction to go to the next screen. Touch the left side of the screen and Swipe towards the right direction to go to previous screen. White lights below the right button and the left button will show you which screen you are in. Enjoy!
Okorafor Ikeagwu