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Fun and easy way to learn Chinese!

Having a hard time studying Chinese? [Enjoy Learning Chinese Characters] is now right here for you!
Do not memorize each complex character. Now you can recall them instead of memorizing.

“A great way to expand your character knowledge by building on previously learned characters.”

“It's simple to read. You don't have to follow the chapters. Highly recommended for those learning Chinese characters.”

- Reviews for the original book.

If you speak an alphabetic language, learning Chinese characters would be more challenging for you. But don't worry.
This app will help you to make sense of the structures of Chinese characters. With 250 basic and radical characters, you can combine or break them apart too easily read, write and understand Chinese characters. It also offers many other services for more effective learning. Please see details below.

[What's inside?]
- 250 well-known root characters
- 1162 most frequently-encountered characters in Chinese (HSK level 1-3)
- Character stroke order
- Native Pronunciation
- Quiz: Simple quizzes that help you remember what you learned.
- Test: Enjoy the tests after you master some characters.
- Review: Keep some characters on your note and check them later.
- Search: Search if you know the pinyin and how to write.
- Push Notification: Push notification lets you know today's character.
- 3D Touch: Quick access from home screen.

[We offer In-App Purchases]
- Get the full version with 26 additional subjects for just $4.99 and keep it forever!
Free version offers only 1 subject containing 50 characters.



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Established in 2000, KONG & PARK Inc. is a publishing company that has specialized in researching and publishing books for studying Chinese characters. The KONG & PARK research team has organized more than 3,500 Chinese characters, and based on their research, they introduced fun and faster way to learn Chinese characters by focusing on 250 root characters.
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