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by i4islam
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by i4islam
The world’s most popular desktop Prayer app is now brought onto your mobile device.
With all-new captivating features, “Ela-Salaty” is the next blockbuster prayer reminder you could ever wish to have. Because our lives should all center around our relationship with Allah, not vice versa, Ela-Salaty is here to assist you in achieving just that.

• Prayer Times:
With a Fascinating, yet simple design, you have a visual of the time remaining until the next Prayer. If you would like to check it for the whole day, go ahead and slide down your screen, and it splits to show you what you are looking for.

• Apple Watch:
Knowing prayer times doesn’t get any faster than having a complication on your watch face, you will be amazed when you look at your apple watch and see the next prayer time right on your watch face, Ela-Salaty has full support with apple watch, watch glances with Hijri date you will enjoy the full Ela-Salaty app on your hand.

• Cinematic Full Athan:
It is just so spiritually connecting to listen and watch a full, cinematic Athan, especially if you are missing Masjids around you.

• Reminders:
Ela-Salaty is wide-awake. It reminds you before Athan time, so you get ready. Alerts when it is the time and you can snooze this alert, like the functionality of an alarm clock, you can activate snooze by long press on the prayer notification., so you better hurry up before you miss your prayer.

• Themes:
As the creators of Ela-Salaty, we honestly did not see it happening the way it finally did! The themes are simply breathtaking. With a single tap and the screen is cleared away for graphical views, which change according to day and night times.

• Life Around Prayer Times:
Ela-Salaty has a monthly prayer table to help you plan ahead, also you can organize and arrange your appointments according to prayer timings, so they do not conflict. Tap and hold a prayer, choose the calendar sign, and off you go with your appointment.

• Other Features Include:
-Hijri & Gregorian Date.
-New breathtaking themes.
-Qibla direction.
-Athkar for pre-, during, and snooze.
-Prayer times calendar.
-Islamic Holidays.
-Time for midnight and the last third time.
-Prayer Times Widgets, Lock Screen Widgets, and more.
-Light/dark mode to match your iOS theme.

•Privacy & Terms

ملاحظة موجهة لمستخدمي التطبيق باللغة العربية: أسم التطبيق إلى صلاتي، وليس إلا صلاتي...