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Open yourself to the world. The definitive way to learn English; EF Hello is the conversation-driven English language learning app. For real, for free, for you. EF Hello offers a completely new, intuitive and comprehensive way to learn English. AI-powered and chat-based, EF Hello is like no other language education experience. Through tech we are opening the world by making English language learning accessible, simple, fun and free.


// Intelligent English level assessment – created with ex-NASA and Stanford engineers. This ensures content appropriate to you and matched to your English level, amazing!

// A.I. Assistant – Our highly developed Assistant is underpinned by Machine Learning and constantly evolving. The EF Hello Assistant will get you learning through real conversation

// Comprehensive exercises – A variety of exciting and interactive English exercises allowing you to learn new material and practice until perfect: Grammar, Vocabulary, Speaking, Reading, Writing, Listening and much more

// Pronunciation practice – Speak like a local by recording, practicing and comparing your pronunciation with native speakers

// Tailor-made – Learn as much or as little a day as you like, EF Hello ensures consistent ability-matched language learning through content tailored to your English level. Always

// Dictionary – All content within EF Hello can be translated from English, live translation and no more need for dictionaries

// Language Buddies – Connect with real people and chat in English with your new language buddies


But Why?
EF Hello is the definitive way to learn English with conversation at its core. We teach English the same way we use English. To speak in English, you need to have conversations in English. Imagine you want to become a pianist. To learn the piano, you have to physically play the piano. As much as possible, for a long as possible, as often as possible. Can you imagine only learning piano theory and if the first time you touched the instrument’s keys was on the day of your recital!? No, that would be silly! Well, learning English is no different. To learn how to have conversations in English, you need to have real conversations in English.

EF Hello will open the world to you through the power of conversation. Traveling abroad, studying in a new country, taking the next step in your career, connecting with people, practicing for TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS or SAT. All these goals can be reached by studying English with EF Hello. Our conversation-driven content is rooted in academics, pedagogy and hardcore science. And it just happens to be free!

It’s no secret that EF Hello has everything you need to stay motivated, experience quick progression and see tangible results.

But How?
Technology, technology, technology. Our hand-picked team of engineers and machine learning experts have teamed up with some of the world’s best linguistics experts to fundamentally improve the way students learn English. With guidance from Cambridge University Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics we have sculpted a world-class platform seamlessly supported by cutting edge technology which enables conversation-driven learning for our users. All for free!

Who Are We?
We're a small team dedicated to building the best language learning experience out there – we're raising the game to a whole new level. For everyone. Because we want everybody to have the opportunity to learn English!

Download the EF Hello app now and start your journey towards perfect conversations in English today. Did we mention that it’s free!? EF Hello; Innovative. Intuitive. Fun!


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