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Want to improve your English? Tried before, failed before, don’t know how to start again? EF Hello is your most trusted way to start learning English. We offer guided English-learning content, skill practice, and personalized exercises.

We draw on years of experience teaching languages to offer you an effective curriculum and make learning approachable. We believe in you; you can learn English and EF Hello will be your best cheerleader!

Why Choose EF Hello?
- Learn English through conversation: To speak in English, you need to have conversations in English. EF Hello teaches you the same way you use English in real-life; through speaking. Our chat-driven experience will help you stay motivated, learn step-by-step, and see tangible results. You can always switch from Conversation Mode to the traditional screen-by-screen Classic Mode. Select what suits you best!
- Your personal AI teacher: Our expert-developed AI chatbot uses Machine Learning and is constantly evolving. It will guide you through content created by world-class experts including academics from the University of Cambridge! Learn English with your AI teacher anytime, anywhere!
- English for real-life: Explore the huge range of courses available in EF Hello: take the next step in your career, connect with new people, travel abroad, study in a new country, practice for TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, or SAT. Start the journey to reach your goals!
- Everything you need in one app: EF Hello teaches all the skills you need to use English in the real world. Your AI teacher will introduce you to new vocabulary, explain grammar concepts, and teach you expressions for real-life topics. Practice your listening through audio and video, and record yourself speaking to check your pronunciation.

Even More Features in EF Hello:
- Course Library: A huge course library with courses for real-life English. Learn all sorts of topics from business to travel and everything in between
- Pronunciation Practice: Take advantage of personalized pronunciation help that shows you how to improve your weaknesses
- Vocabulary Practice: Review the words you have learned and practice them according to the Forgetting Curve
- Review Answer History: Check your previous answers, learn from your mistakes, and improve faster
- Study Notes: Mark your new knowledge and review it at any time

‘I liked English, but after high school I gave up my studies. So I had anxiety when I decided to learn English again. But EF Hello encouraged me with very warm and friendly words and made me have a positive mind about my studies. I studied without much difficulty, much less than I was worried about.’ — Farmnee, EF Hello user, Korea

Start with a free trial, it’s time to begin learning English.
Download the EF Hello app now and start your journey to better English today!

Got questions? Head into the EF Hello app and shake your phone to see the feedback page

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