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EduManager allows you to easily keep track of your daily school assignments, projects, quizzes, tests, and study times. You can even share your homework with classmates so you can all spend less time planning and more time on academics.

- Easily add homework and tests using natural language and abbreviations. Simply describe your assignment and EduManager can automatically select the assignment details for you.
- Keep track of all of your upcoming homework with a simplistic interface.
- Create reminders for each so you never forget about any assignment or test.
- Add the Today View Widget to quickly see upcoming homework and tests without unlocking your phone. The widget displays when are the next assignments are due and when the next tests/quizzes are.
- View in a calendar to better visualize upcoming assignments and tests in a monthly or weekly calendar format.
- View all your classes with a brief description of the upcoming homework, projects, quizzes, and tests for that class.
- Share classes with classmates so you're all up to date on upcoming homework and tests. Whenever any person in a shared class adds an assignment, it's synced onto everyone else's devices to save time and possibly prevent a late grade. (Plus Account Feature)
- Also with a dark theme.

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Nish Suchdev