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EcoDrive OBD

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EcoDrive OBD

Track fuel economy in real-time and long-term. Save money on fuel cost by analyzing derived data and trends and improve driving behaviour. Keep track of your expenses and minimize maintenance costs.

With EcoDrive you can

• Obtain real time fuel economy data from you car's ECU.
• Graph fuel economy over three time intervals: 5 minutes, 30 minutes 2 hours and a total average.
• Track long term fuel economy data for up to one year.
• Plot data over 5 different intervals:1 week, 2 weeks, 30 days, 90 days, 6 months and 1 year.
• View graphs of long term fuel economy, fuel consumed, fuel cost and distance traveled.
• Trace fuel economy of your trip on the map.
• Find nearest gas station and get directions.
• Choose from four units of measure: Miles per gallon (MPG), Kilometers per liter (Km/L), Liters per 100 Kilometers
(L/100 km) and Imperial MPG.
• Enter fuel data manually as an alternate method to track fuel economy and cost. (No OBD adapter required)
• Track useful instant and long term data such as average speed, fuel consumption, CO2 production, distance traveled and fuel cost.
• Crop data by interacting with graph to get summary for certain date range and get trends.
• Select a single date to view data from.
• Save data to CSV file and export to PC/MAC for further analysis.
• Supports various fuel types: Gasoline, diesel, LNG, CNG, ethanol, methanol and propane.
• Maintenance view allows for reminder and expense entry. You can add a reminder by distance travelled, date or both. Review full history of car expenses and upcoming maintenance. You will never miss a service.
• Four methods of calculation for calculating fuel economy.
• (Beta) Gear shift notification helps you shift gears at optimal moment to save fuel. Minimalistic design and easy to use.
• Review a summary of your driving session that includes gear shifting performance, idling time, graph of fuel economy vs. time and more.

• To track fuel economy in real time, you need an ELM-327 OBD2 Wi-Fi adapter. Bluetooth adapter is NOT compatible with this app.
• For best fuel economy accuracy your vehicle must support the MAF sensor. If no MAF sensor is present then the app can work with MAP+IAT at the cost of decreased accuracy.
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