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No longer will you have to seek help when you're anxious. Ebb will seek you.

Using the Apple Watch's heart rate sensor, Ebb will continuously check for your heart rate to spike under the right conditions — an indicator that you are stressed or facing anxiety.

Ebb then sends you a gentle notification and prompts you to follow three steps: Evaluate. Breathe. Begin.

Apple Watch
- Sends you a notification when your heart rate rises over a certain number of beats per minute or increases by a percentage you choose
- Uses scientifically-proven exercises and techniques to calm your mind including yoga, muscle relaxation and breathing exercises
- Calculates your average, minimum and maximum heart rates for a time period of your choice
- You can use Ebb’s built-in heart rate monitor when entering stressful situations in order to get immediate notifications of a heart rate spike

- Go beyond just recovering from anxiety attacks by tracking your stress patterns in the iPhone’s journal
- Customize your notification settings
- Integrated with Health app to track your heart rate data

Ebb: Designed to support you through all the ebbs and flows in life.
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