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Eatermeter is an app designed to help you decide how much you should eat at meal time. Before you eat a meal, check the app to see how many calories you can eat or whether you need to exercise before your meal.

If you have trouble counting and working out the maths we will do it all for you will this app. It's designed on 500, 1000 and 1500 calorie deficit each day.

- fully integrates with other health apps and Apple Health.
- Calorie tracker counts calories and decides how much you can eat.
- Calorie breakdown per meal
- Get notified how much to eat on your phone or Apple Watch.
- Weight tracker
- Set your goals for how much you want to lose and how quickly
- Be held accountable each week with a weekly guide to follow.

Lose weight and build a health lifestyle easily. Lose more than 1 pound a week if you stick to the goals of this app. More than an app its a weight loss program designed to help you keep the weight off for the rest of your life. Be aware of your health and fitness. Goals set to target your needs. Track your diet easily.
Piyumika Fraser