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EasyRoster will let you import your duty plan from your company web site, sync it to your calendar, showing you in a colored and interactive scrolling view.

other features include:

- Briefing package download

- hotel information:
-- address, telephone numbers
-- map location

- weather information
-- touristic weather info
-- METAR and TAF for cockpit crew

- EASA FTL calculation
-- calculates max FDP, min Rest and other items for your daily duty

- ER Widget in notification center:
-- the ER widget will show you what is your next scheduled activity

- Export data:
--export roster to calendar
--export roster to pdf file
--exportroster to logten pro

EasyRoster is created for informational only purposes and cannot be trusted to be correct. Always check your official source for operational use.
EasyRoster is not a product of Alitalia, Alitalia Cityliner nor Norwegian and changes by airlines to the their system may effect and even break the functionality of this app.

It currently only work with Alitalia Alitalia Cityliner and Norwegian, but we'll add more airlines in the future.
Gilberto Gaudio