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EasyMetro Rome

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EasyMetro Rome

Metro A, Metro B or Metro C: a bit confusing, isn't it? With EasyMetro Rome you can move with ease in Rome using its metro lines.
Whether you are a tourist, commuter, or you live in Rome, this app is still great for you!

EasyMetro, easy to use, offers the following functions:

- ACCURATE MAP of all the subway stations (ATAC Rome). Each station is shown as a placeholder that shows the name and the metro line. The map is also available in SATELLITE mode.

- DIRECTIONS: Tap a metro station on the main page to instantly obtain their directions. You can use the built-in navigator.

- STREET VIEW: With EasyMetro, thanks to Google Street View, you can now explore every station or place with very detailed 360° photos!

- NEARBY PLACES: Find easily hotels, restaurants, museums and much more in the vicinity of a specific metro station. For example, do you want a hotel near the Colosseum? No problem: you can get informations and directions.

- EASY SEARCH: Search addresses, streets, and squares, then find the nearest metro station.

- FAVORITE STATIONS: Create a list with your favorite stations and find them easily tapping the side panel menu without searching them in the map.

- LOCATION: We don't want that you lose your way! The GPS will always return you on your way.

- OFFLINE: If you don't have an internet connection, you can use the offline map!
Matteo Ciannavei